Since 2010, Cospe in collaboration with Immagination Farm creates Holho, the first holographic device line both consumer and business oriented.
In 2013, Cospe and Immagination Farm launch the Holho smart line through Kickstarter. This opportunity gives Holho line a great visibility all over the world.
Holho, the magic of hologram in a new technological device within everyone’s reach available both in standard and custom design models.

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The Consumer line is called Holho smart. It has models requiring a device with android or iOs in order to project images.
The Business line is called Holho Business. It has models designed in order to maximize visibility for your commercial communication and information. The holographic communication can be a suspended tridimensional hologram or a real object holographic projection mapping, always granting a WOW effect.
All products are made in Italy, in the finest materials, with cutting edge working processes and top level design. Colors, materials and finishing are completely customizable.
Holho lines offer a wide range of holographic structures able to best satisfy client’s need. Holho lines are suitable for exhibitions, fairs, showrooms, happening, shop windows, malls, events, museums and meetings.
Visit Holho youtube channel to find demo videos of Holho products in action and some free holographic video you can run on smart devices.

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Holho Smart line has been developed to transform every single mobile device (smartphone and tablet) in a magical hologram projector. It is created to grant a space-saving holographic device, easy to carry and simple in design. It is available in four models: pyramid, naked, 3faces and zed. These features make it ideal as business gadget and technological devices within everyone’s reach.
Holho Smart products are signed with tag NFC and Qr-code to download in a simple and fast way some demo videos created as example.


Holho Business is designed completely for the company’s world in order to offer holographic structures in big size. Fairs, happening, show-room, shop windows, shopping malls, museums, events, meetings and product’s start-up become locations and ideal chances to impress using a Holho Business device. It is a new system of communication that allows to promote and differentiate your products (with 3D effect) in an innovative way, unique on the global market. The amazing result grabs immediately the audience attention and strengthen customer’s experience on product brand with the combination of virtual dynamic information and real object. All of this means space and resources saving. Business line includes a wide range of holographic structures able to best satisfy client’s need.

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Show your products in an innovative way through our hi-tech structure products; solutions on demand for an interactive communication with a great visual impact in order to mark your brand. Transparent and ghost screens, demo tech, technologic displayers, touch screen and touch tables, interactive totems and other technologies.

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