Holho. A portable hologram device.

Beginning in 2010, Cospe Sas in collaboration with Imagination Farm creates Holho, the first holographic device line both consumer and business oriented.

Hologram generator of the Holho line are available both in standard and custom design models.

The Consumer production line is called Holho smart. Inside it you can find models requiring a device with android or iOs in order to project images.
The Business line contains models designed in order to maximize visibility for your commercial communication and information. The holographic communication can be a suspended tridimensional hologram or a real object holographic projection mapping, always granting your products the attention of the audience.

All our products are made in the finest materials, with cutting edge working processes and top level design.

Holho is suitable for expositions, faires, showrooms as for big events or museum collections. It comes with many kind of different interactivity level, from passive holographic source to the most advanced motion capture technologies. We also develop custom application to run on any device in pair with the holographic projections.

On Holho youtube channel you can find demo videos of our products in action and some free holographic video you can run on your devices.

For windows and apple OSX systems is available our Holho converterĀ application, able to convert your videos in holograms for 3 or 4 faces devices.