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FP1 is a product of Holho business line with a modern design.

It combines 4 Faces and Naked design in one solution. This feature allows to choose one of these two options, depending on your needs. The 4 faces gives a perfect 3d feeling, no matter the view, while the Naked grants a good 3d effect maximizing the hologram  size.

In just few moments you can switch from one design to the other.

This product includes 19” screen. It is plug and play and integrates a digital reader for playing video and contents. The holographic image quality is high definition.

It is ideal for any display purpose, even for a no stop use, exhibitions, fairs, showrooms, happening, shop windows, malls, events, museums and meetings.

It is possible to buy from store the suitable base in black plexiglass. This accessory gives more value to your product.

This product is available on demand in other sizes, colors, materials and finishing. On demand is also interactive setup and customization.

Additional information:

Dimensions                    40*35*25 cm

Display                           19”

Dimensions hologram    front 42*24 cm

Material                          PMMA – GLASS

Color                              black


The production time is 10/15 work days after after payment receipt.


Additional information

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 40 × 35 × 25 cm





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